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lie detector - a polygraph test

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Private detective in Ukrainian

Private detective in Ukrainian


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Will the detectives of Ukraine legitimate?

Many people do not even think about the existence of the detective agency in Ukraine, has not yet faced with the need to use the services of detectives. Usually it happens in any particular critical situations. But while no one there is no question as far as the legal activities of private investigation. The most important thing - to solve the issue. Naturally, such an approach can not be correct, and therefore it was decided to make certain changes in the country's legislation to legalize private detectives.

What restrictions will the detectives?

But in spite of what they say and write everything, do not immediately draw conclusions about what is really detective work underground. The lack of legislative framework and any regulations does not mean - the only thing that simply does not allow to regulate their activities, but no more, and does not mean that their work can really be banned. However, it is banned some of the actions that are now performed detectives to carry out certain orders. These actions include wiretapping facilities, conducting surveillance.

But the twelfth April this matter was under his decisions, because in this day and introduced a draft law to the Parliament. If the law really is adopted, the activities of the detectives would be completely legal and it will remove many of the issues which are now on the agenda. Moreover, the bill will open wide opportunities to detectives, including video footage and allow to make record, barring only to collect information about people's personal lives, delving into their political and religious beliefs.

This is only the detectives without any special enthusiasm expect similar changes in the legislation of the country that, in principle, very understandable. Because now they have to be under the constant supervision of the authorities, and more specifically, under the control of the Interior Ministry. And any step beyond the law would entail a serious responsibility. Although they can provide jobs for other people, while themselves will have to carefully monitor every step and move their employees.

However, if you look at the experience of other countries where similar laws have been operating for a long time, it may be noted only one advantage. Legalization of work of detectives is a unique opportunity to establish close interaction with law enforcement officials, from which only all the parties will be in the black. In other countries, the police sometimes give detectives to work those small tasks that they themselves simply distract from the core business.

Services for everyone

If you are wondering how much all detective agencies currently exist on the territory of Ukraine, then you are unlikely someone will give an exact answer, because no one does their registration. But the estimated number today reaches about two thousand agencies. This is a rather large figure, but despite this, the detectives do not have problems with the flow of customers. It is also difficult to say exactly who often uses the services of Sherlock Holmes. But the head of the detective agency "Conrad" Yuri, as a percentage of all orders over accounts for individuals. And the top seller in such circles - a people search. and can look anyone - relatives with whom many years have not met or seen each other, old friends, who are separated from another school bells, ex-husbands who escaped from liability idols from the stage or film. And of course, that the search for this category of people are not engaged in law enforcement. Another no less exciting at the disturbing question is related to infidelity. Everyone wants to be sure of its second half. But not everyone is given. But to find out how you faithful spouse, may take several hours to several days of painstaking work. But the result is worth it. You will certainly answer all your questions. But be prepared for the fact that for these services you will have to pay serious. For example, when it comes to finding people, in this case the services of detectives will be worth around 250 - $ 500, but when investigating infidelity price is about $ 350 per day.

A major activity, according to Yuri Conrad now showing business owners. Very often call superiors and ask for an investigation of a theft, detect spy expose financial fraud. And that, in principle, the situation is quite normal, as the fact that the leaders of the company want to know more about their competitors and partners, as well as on the employees themselves. The only way you can protect your business. And one of the most important tools in this area is a lie detector, which allows only a few hours of interrogation the entire team to find a cheater if he's really there. The cost of using a lie detector is one and a half thousand hryvnia. Often business owners are asked to inspect the premises to detect bugs, it is also important for your own safety. In this situation, the price will be - $ 10 for a study of one square meter.

How to take the act?

The work of private detective is quite specific. And they sometimes have to deal with such situations, which are not even a writer to come up with a movie. But most importantly, that detective - these are the people that can find out the truth quickly and learn about the man that he is trying to hide. Therefore it is not seldom address the problem of adultery. And there was a situation, when the "Conrad" asked the man to carry out the identification of his wife's infidelity. He became suspicious, because it became too late to go back, she appeared very expensive jewelry. But he was surprised when it turned out that the lady lover instead wound up their own business secret from the family.

But not all goes to such a check, someone asks to conduct a provocation and to make sure that the second half under any circumstances will not change. But there are those who simply checks detectives themselves. For example, one day a man asked to conduct surveillance of a person. Detectives have spent and found out that this man is the customer himself.

And a curious case still causes the most experience are not transmitted not only Yuri Sergeyevich, but his employee who under the guise of an employee of one company by request of the owner of the company had to spend revealing spies in the ranks of employees. That's only client is the same first day of the team not only introduced a new employee, but also announced that it is now come to an end to fraud, because he spoke to detectives. It was a shame to destroy a legend.
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What happens to their colleagues in other countries?

To understand how the benefits from the adoption of the law on private investigation, sometimes just enough to turn to the experience of those who have this law has been working for a long time. For example, you can look at the US, where the budget of such organizations in more than half the budget of the police. Or you can look at England, where the number of investigators in two times more than law enforcement. But in Israel, for example, where the population is not more than 5 million people, the number of detectives is 2000.

Article from the room: "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" №16 dated 21 April 10
Published: April 22 to 10 (19:37)