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lie detector - a polygraph test

lie detector - a polygraph test

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Dmitry Arotsker, phone 0442309590

After 75 years after the death in defense of Poltava established place
and the destruction of my deda.I not just set and convincingly.
Collected archival documents, obtained a copy of the Ministry of Defense orders,
The place of the primary burial and the subsequent re-burial.
The evidence base was so clear and unambiguous that breaking
lethargy and bureaucracy malleability of our guys from the agency have
to the name of a fallen defender was applied to the memorial to the fallen heroes.
Thank you for the hard work and energetic!
It can and less than exciting detective stories this day,
but it is equally important for the family of the one who disappeared without a trace three-quarters of a century ago.



Thank you very much for your help. I myself would have never found a way out of this difficult situation. You are true professionals.


I, of course, against the dating on the internet, but then I started to write one young man. One day I went to him immediately located, only in something haunted. A friend advised me to check his past, and in general, the person lives. Employees of the detective agency found that it is absolutely not the one it claims to be, and to his credit for many of these victims, like me, he just bred for money. Glad I did not have time to become attached to it strongly, and it was much harder to break even this correspondence.


I do not know what prompted me to do it, probably just some sort of sixth sense. But decided to check out your car at the agency. It turned out that he punctuated with bugs wiretapping. Now we find out who and why it is needed. Thanks guys, what you have and help us.


I noticed that in one of my stores have a fall sale. Although the training and education of personnel conducted regularly. Addressed in different consulting companies, but the result was not great until you call the detective agency. Experts have found that in this store are just working some unscrupulous employees who do not care what happens. I had to part with them and recruit new staff.


Thank leadership detective agency "Private detective Poltava" for what saved my finances. And that would be a decade of painstaking work - down the drain. Just decided to buy a house in the country, and it turned out that it can not be sold. I will not go into details, but I just wanted to dissolve and leave no money and no housing. A sum quite impressive.


My company is now not just the time the planned reorganization. Because of this, some of the excitement started in the team. Own efforts to decide something does not work. And then the Internet came across some information that you can implement an employee of a detective agency. While this experiment is successful. Staff are a bit relieved. I especially do not want to delve into how these guys. For me the main result, and now it suits me perfectly.


A few years ago on his own stupidity lost a close friend. Communication stopped completely, contacts lost. And then recently began to reconsider old photos and decided to find her. Most failed, but the agents quickly and provided me with the phone, and address. She remembered me and happily agreed to the meeting. God forbid and old friendship back.


It is difficult today to trust someone, especially to business partners. I urgently had to go to another country for personal reasons. But the pre-addressed to the detective agency to check one of his partner, which was not confidence. If not for the help guys, you'd be out of business until deciding personal issues. Thank you!


With her husband live for five years in perfect harmony. But then I had doubts about his fidelity. Long suffered, and then simply called the detective agency "Private detective Poltava." It turned out that this is only my empty suspicion and probably just some kind of crisis in relations. But my husband is my true. Glad I did not do anything stupid and did not itself a relationship with him to find out.


I must say that my youth I had a rough, but after three years, is married to the best woman in the world. And everything would be fine, except that there was one lady from the past with the requirements of the payment of alimony, ostensibly to my son. Beginning of this blackmail me. I am their child would never refused, but hesitated. Benefit there is now the opportunity to DNA analysis. Now I have documents that the child is not mine.


My own father died 20 years ago, my mother married another man. Then I was little. And now decided to look for relatives on my father's line. She thought that she can handle it. But do not get anything until you come to the aid of detective agency. On a personal example, make sure that nothing is impossible when working professionals.

Nadezhda Semenova

My husband and I could not understand where our money is lost, we kept the house. Cash may still be useful at any time, and that's kept some money. Helped staff the detective agency. I never would have thought it was our baby sitter. And besides, it turned out that she not only stole from us, but also very hard on the child.


It seemed to me that it is foolish to make such a request to contact the detective agency. But Lawless Heart. Could not find the girl, whom he met on a professional exhibition - did not take any cards or a company that is working, do not remember. Yes and no data really could not afford them, besides the description of the exterior. But still found it and for good reason, I think.


I have a very jealous husband and do not let little one. And then decided with my friends for a few days of rest to go abroad. Talk to him about it would be just useless. Fortunately, the detective agency "Private detective Poltava" arranged everything as if I went on a business trip from the company where I work. Issued all just gorgeous. And in the world of the family and her friends had a rest.

Simon B.

I am the director of a large company. There was a need to do one thing in which I needed help. That's just not entrust it to anyone he could - or friends or co-workers. It is good to companies like this great detective agency. Just helped out, thank you. Right though to work by yourself guys take it!

Igor Campfires

With the problem addressed in several agencies, but the result is just wasted time and money because they really help me and could not. Until a friend gave the phone "Poltava". Here and the prices are reasonable, and the timing, judging by the result, were much smaller than I expected. Thank you for your help. Naturally, the work was done on the highest level.


I am a long time to calm down from the fact that her husband cheating on me. There was no evidence, other than my intuition, but at home he behaved as suspect and show that there was something very difficult. Just feel it. And so. Decided to enlist the help of a private investigator. After a couple of days, I had pictures of my pious and stealing. Now do not wriggle, darling. And thank you, guys.

Alexandera S.

In so many Internet sites that provide services of detective agencies, it was even doubtful generally handle your request because there was no certainty that someone will really help me and not just take the payment and disappear. At your own risk called this agency, which is now incredibly pleased. Children not only provided me with interesting information, but also made ​​it much faster than I expected. Just a big thank you to a human :)


I express my deep gratitude to check out a company with which I had planned to conclude a long-term contract. You have saved me from cooperation with scammers.


I have my own small business for apartments rented by the day. A few weeks ago I began to blackmail some people their calls and expect me to pay them money. Like back in the nineties. Filed, but the case did not move until he rang the agency of private detectives. I do not know what happened after my conversion, but the calls stopped abruptly.


I am extremely pleased to be partnering with these guys. Just thank you and without further ado. I gave information at least, but they still managed and completed my order. However, it was important to me. Thank you very much.


I never thought that I suffer the consider. But I stole a car, and I'm almost desperate to find him, until he turned to the detective agency "Private detective Poltava." Although even then absolutely no hope was not, after searching for him for several months after the submission of the application. But the guys from the agency found it fast enough, even in our country, the truth is quite the opposite end. Thank you all very much for the work.


For many years I have not seen my girlfriend and lost all contact with her. But Yuri and his team have found it so quickly that even for me it was a complete surprise.


A few weeks ago it seemed to me that the phones in my office working strangely. Started watching it more closely - and really, there were noises, clicks, and other strange sounds. I thought I should protect themselves and asked the detective agency "Private detective Poltava", cell phones and asked to check the entire cabinet. It turned out that he had done absolutely no good reason - for me were surveillance and wiretapping has also been installed. Thank the guys for help.

Alexey V.

Own stupidity deleted all information from his laptop. Desperate to get it back, but decided to call guys from the detective agency. Experts have restored all fairly quickly and completely.


Not so long ago I suspect the account of the fact that my son, who is fifteen years old, very friendly with the bad guys . He was returning home late enough , he smelled of cigarettes and alcohol . Naturally, all of my questions , he simply ignored . We have almost ceased to communicate at all. Me some acquaintances advised to contact the detective agency , gave phone Andropov . My suspicions were confirmed . And I'm glad I took advantage of timely help detectives. I do not know what could have happened if I had not become a son to try to return to the family. Thank you very much !


Many thanks to Yuri for prompt and professional assistance in finding my friend, whom I had not seen for about fifteen years. We lost immediately after the army, but found it even in America. True professionals.


I want to thank detective agency " Private detective Poltava " and their leader Yuri for the information provided. Actually I doubted until recently that the work will be done so quickly and qualitatively . Today, the Internet is full of offers such services and not everyone can be trusted. I do not know how you managed to settle all that , but even I will not ask about your professional secrets. The main thing that provided me the phone was exactly what was needed, I was able to solve all their problems and get the right information . Just a big thank you for everything .


Thanks to all the guys who were involved in my question. Thanks to your help I saved their money and invested it in a company that obviously should have been bankrupt. You have saved not only my money, but also nerves.

Natalia, Viktor

My husband and I recently had an accident in which the driver was at fault "Mazda" and then we have absolutely nothing left , because our car was not insured . But the damage was so great that it took us a few months to recover it. But the problem was all in the fact that the perpetrator fled the scene of an accident, and we had to go to the detective agency , that they found him and witnesses too. The first results have already appeared in about a week , and on the testimony of witnesses and found the culprit. We are very grateful to such assistance.



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