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lie detector - a polygraph test

lie detector - a polygraph test

Photo and video surveillance

inspection of premises on the wiretap

Search of people

collection of information

We work with you, even if you want to remain anonymous

Detective Agency "Private detective Poltava"


Detective Agency " Private detective Poltava" for the past few years provides its services throughout Ukraine and far beyond. Across the country, working members of our company , enabling us to the private detective is much faster and more efficiently . We also work closely with our colleagues who work in Latin America, Europe , Australia, Asia , and Africa. And this is a big plus for all of our customers , as referring to the detective agency in Poltava, you can be sure that the professionals will be to address your question, even if it goes far beyond the city limits . In some cases, we delegate order fulfillment to other private detectives , and some our own employee goes on a business trip to another city or even country. 


Since the services of a private detective - it's quite a specific job , the team of our detective agency run exclusively by professionals who have the necessary qualifications and experience . With us you can avail the services of psychologists , operatives , private investigators , forensic experts , polygraph operatives . A very important point that each of the members of our detective agency has passed rigorous test in practice and rigorous selection process . Despite the fact that each of the experts is professional , our work is based on team -based , and the main purpose for this is to achieve the best results when performing the task. So many customers come back to us again and again, if they have a need for this .


It is the responsibility of the private detective in Poltava can enter search of reliable information about business partners, if you are planning to sign an important contract , wanted persons , missing recently or which had just lost contact. Detective services can also include the identification of infidelity on the part of a spouse or supervision of children , if there are any suspicions among parents about their child favorable pastime . Private Detective our company can always determine if you are under such supervision or is there someone check your data in business . Our detective agency is also fitted with a lie detector and other equipment, which allows us to carry out all investigations and at the highest professional level.


Thus it is necessary to take into account the fact that while in the absence of some items in the Acts of our private detectives conduct their activities as members of the media . But this does not interfere with our detective agency has been successful in most cases, perform existing orders.


The cost of a private detective can not be fixed, but is determined depending on each case , as there may be many factors. Therefore, each private investigator previously delves into every question before to get to work and to voice its final payment.


Professional attitude of our agency - "I do not promise, but do»

- all self-respecting detective agencies are unspoken rules, stick which also our responsibility;

- contacting us you can be sure that all the information is only between the detective and his client.