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Tel.: +38 (067) 201-00-07

Telegram: @detectivePoltava

E-mail: pl.detective@bk.ru

Skype: pl.detective

lie detector - a polygraph test

lie detector - a polygraph test

Photo and video surveillance

inspection of premises on the wiretap

Search of people

collection of information

We work with you, even if you want to remain anonymous



 Detective Agency "Conrad"

       Detective Agency "Private detective Poltava" provides services of a private detective in Poltava and the Poltava area, as well as the whole country, we have established permanent connection with detective agencies around the world (Europe, Asia, Latin America), allowing you to quickly and accurately provide remote services in these countries.

 Detective agency " Private detective Poltava" are members of the International Police Association ( IPA )






The scope of the detective agency "Private detective Poltava" goes far beyond the city and the region. Our employees operate not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. And the important point is that some of our employees are members of the International Police Association.

It is through close cooperation with our colleagues around the world , we are able to successfully enough to solve many difficult questions addressed to us customers. But even if the need arises , any of our private detective immediately travels to another city or even the country to carry out the order.

Each member of our staff uses in his work is his knowledge , experience and skills to quickly and successfully solved a problem that people are turning to our detective agency . Also, very often we have to deal not only with the identification and elimination of the consequences of some accidents, but also to the need to prevent a particular situation . But no matter how difficult was the order, we almost never refuse the opportunity to help those who are willing to trust us completely . It should take into account that the cooperation with the private detective from the customer should be as transparent and open as a private doctor. Any information is concealed from us , may be adversely affected is on you and eventually the case. With this you can be completely assured of complete confidentiality. Many of our customers want to come to us incognito , which does not interfere with achieving the goal , thanks to the professionalism of all our employees .

Team of our detective agency " Private detective Poltava" work generalists . Here you can take advantage of a forensic expert , private investigator , psychologist, graphologist and others. And each of them has a high level of professionalism and high moral principles , which is another safeguard against the possibility of information leakage. No matter how difficult it was an order, we are looking to the end of a way out of this situation.

In fact, the work of a private investigator is not as romantic as it is described in the books or in the movies . Basically it is tedious , routine , and sometimes quite dangerous activity that is only capable of dedicated people . Indeed, very often we have to not only detect the fact of adultery or place of leisure of your children , but also risk their lives for your safety. In some cases, we resort to cooperate with law enforcement authorities , especially since many of the former employees of these agencies now work in our detective agency .

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