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lie detector - a polygraph test

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Search biological mother and biological father

Where to start searching for biological parents? For many, this is not just a banal question, but the realities of life on which man thinks, if decides to find out who exactly are his parents. Naturally, such questions often arise in already grown people who start an independent life outside the walls of the children's home, or may well make their own decisions, even if raised in a foster home. And it should be said that the adoptive parents of these children often go out to start the search at the request of the biological parents of adopted sons and daughters. But here, once there is a definite problem. The process of search of the biological mother or father is not as simple as it may seem, especially if you have passed a lot of years since the adoption or the last meeting with family parents. And even if the children themselves are already being at a certain age and can get access to some documents children's home and foster institutions, it does not mean that they can easily use the information that there will be. Therefore, the most correct decision in this matter will appeal to the Detective Agency "Private Detective Poltava" request a search of the parents.

I always have to refer to the detectives?

Naturally, this question can be answered only by those who have decided to rebuild their family ties. Sometimes it may seem that happiness is close, and soon the man after a long and grueling independent attempts to meet with relatives, but there are some new difficulties that he or she is simply not provided. Difficulties can be very different, and they are always unique. However, private investigators - they are the people whose job is to basically wanted people. And while we also have many years of experience in finding biological parents. Accordingly, our experts can initially provide some nuances, pitfalls and avoid them or consider how you can change the search strategy, if there are any difficulties. We can not you just answer the question of how to find your own mother or a father, but we can take part in the search for these people, and to make every effort to get as a result of the expected effect.

The problem comes from the very first steps, when only raises the question of how to find the biological parents. It is especially difficult for people who all their lives were brought up in a foster family, but to all the questions about their roots only received an aggressive response. After all, not every foster family shared this enthusiasm, and sometimes just starts to resist such searches. When working with us you can fully pass on to us the problem of finding the parents, if you do not want to spoil relations with a new family. We do his part one hundred percent guarantee of confidentiality. You can absolutely not worry about what someone learns about your search for biological parents.

Who becomes a client of the detective agency when looking for parents

The clients of our detective agency in Poltava not always get the children themselves, but also it may be adoptive parents who are open to the fact that the child had a normal relationship with his own father and mother. Also, there are times when a child is sick with something and for its effective treatment requires a survey of parents and medical data. We will do everything for you, to find the mother or father of the fatherless, and quickly solve the problem. Also, do not occur rarely in life situations that sometimes can be seen in the movies. When a child is lost. And it does not mean that his parents abandoned. Perhaps it was stolen or simply ran away from the family. We are in this situation are ready to organize search of the father or mother of the child. But it is very important that you understand that the detective agency - is not a magic wand for solving any problems. If our specialists will know how to find his father or mother, it does not mean that the search really succeed, or will pass as quickly as it would like. Therefore, we will never give empty promises and guarantees that the Pope found the child really succeed. But from our side this is done absolutely everything that such searches were unsuccessful, and you can meet with their parents or again to give your child his own family. In particular, we have the possibility of DNA analysis to confirm one hundred percent of kinship with this or that person to no doubt about it remained.

Where can I order a video surveillance specialist?

We know perfectly well that it is video surveillance that can solve many problems and provide information that can not be obtained in any other way.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Jealousy - this is one of the most negative feelings, which from scratch can transform any dialogue into such a storm that there can not be any talk about any relations.

We will help to find a person for surveillance

Spying on people is a difficult task, requiring not only special knowledge of every nuance, but also many years of practice.