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lie detector - a polygraph test

lie detector - a polygraph test

Photo and video surveillance

inspection of premises on the wiretap

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We work with you, even if you want to remain anonymous

Providing an alibi

From the constant excuses for anyone tired , and imagination is not infinite, if occasionally there are situations where you can not honestly say at home or at work, where and with whom you've spent a certain time . We are used to that phrase - providing an alibi - is due solely to the murder or other criminal acts . But really - you may need an alibi , and other completely legitimate situations where you just have a reason to hide the truth . And you can be sure that the detective agency " Private detective Poltava" - this is the place to which you can apply to any brand of their problem.

We have quite often asked about where to buy information . But in response to this, we offer our clients develop a customized script that even the customer to make believe that he is lying and nobody was really there , where its presence is supposed to relatives or colleagues. Agree that buy a certificate of illness - it's more like an illiterate " excuse " the schoolboy , not the problem of adults. Of course , you can simply buy a certificate somewhere in Poltava, but you still have yet to give any explanation in person.

If the work is taken detective agency " Private detective Poltava" , then you can forget about the existence of a problem and do their own thing as long as it takes . Naturally, for this we will need some information from you - for whom it is prepared alibi ( at least some desirable characteristics of the individual ), for how long do we have to ensure that your absence and many other issues that we are discussing individually. Should not now be experienced even how to hide treason. The most important thing is that you yourself do not pass in front of his second half after our work. We can help you even in a situation when your deception was uncovered before you contact us. This will require more work , but you have absolutely nothing is impossible.

Protection of business reputation

We can say that alibi - it is not hiding a truth , it is the representation of the problem from the vantage position for you , and so that others started to think as profitable for you. And quite often the need for such an approach arises not only in the range of seed , but also on paper . Perhaps you have now is not very well things are going in the business, but you need to impress an important client or partner. We can also help you in this matter , up to organize a meeting in your supposedly most modern office , creating a personal brand and attach the rest of attributes. For us the protection of the reputation of our clients is at the forefront of all the work of detective agency " Private detective Poltava ." Therefore, in order not happen in your life, you can always rely on us if it does not apply to forensics.