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Detective Agency

Private Detective Poltava

Privacy, professionally, quickly
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Tel.: +38 (067) 201-00-07

Telegram: @detectivePoltava

E-mail: pl.detective@bk.ru

Skype: pl.detective

lie detector - a polygraph test

lie detector - a polygraph test

Photo and video surveillance

inspection of premises on the wiretap

Search of people

collection of information

We work with you, even if you want to remain anonymous


Detective Agency "Private Detective Poltava" offer the services of the best professionals in Ukraine to all residents and visitors of the city of Poltava, if you were in a difficult situation or seek to prevent any danger, problem, difficulty. Presented below is a list of our services in the field of private investigation - it's not all the possibilities of our detective agency, which you can use today. Many tasks that confront us with our clients detective agency, it is simply impossible to describe. But this does not mean that we can not solve them.


The surest way to find out about the quality of our services - is to use them. Do not wait until your problems reach a deadlock and already have to make much more effort to solve them. Call us now and find out the cost of services detective in Poltava. But you can be sure that the results you get when working with us is invaluable. Prices for the services of private investigators depend on many parameters and may be made public only after reading our expert with your problem.

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